whose footprints are these?

colours make the world go bonkers

"...irreplaceable in my heart."

a weird fangirl, shopaholic, artist who rambles endlessly about pretty boys and is obsessed with Japan.
dreams of having blond hair, green eyes and ...the ability to fly.
she also has great interest in exploring different styles of coloring although she has no confidence in saying she's good at it.
she doesn't understand the livejournal coding styles but she's desperate to learn.
love her and she'll love you! <3
cats are the greatest creations by God ever.
- 三浦春馬 Miura Haruma ♥
- 與 真司郎 Atae Shinjiro ♥
- 加藤慶祐 Kato Keisuke ♥
- 橘 慶太 Tachibana Keita
- 佐藤 健 Sato Takeru
- 瀬戸康史 Seto Koji

Lotsa JE boys
- 生田斗真 Ikuta Toma ♥
- 滝沢秀明 Takizawa Hideaki
- 松本潤 Matsumoto Jun
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